Horse racing is one of the oldest sports on the planet. In ancient Greece, horse racing was considered the main spectacle of the Olympic Games, and in the Roman Empire, even emperors sometimes took part in them. There is nothing complicated in the rules of this sport. Horses with a rider must be the first to reach the finish line at a certain distance.

Dog racing and horse racing - how to bet

Unique markets in horse racing

Despite the simplicity of the rules, the painting for this discipline is quite diverse. Horse racing predictions are bets on the following events:

  • The outcome of the race;
  • Hitting the top three
  • Which horse will be higher;
  • The exact place the horse will take;
  • Against the victory of the horse.

You can also try to accurately predict the sequence of the first two or three in a race, or guess everyone who will end up in a two or three (no exact sequence). Such predictions for horse racing have the highest odds.

Since there are several races in one evening, multiple bets on two or three winners of different races are popular in this sport.

Most Popular Tournaments

The most prestigious in horse racing are tournaments with the longest history or a rich prize pool. In Australia, the legendary competition is the Melbourne Cup. In the US it’s the Kentucky Derby, and in England it’s the Royal Ascot. The richest races are the World Cup in Dubai and the Japan Cup in Tokyo. Horse racing is often a gathering place for high-profile celebrities. Therefore, the Olympics against the background of all these competitions is not the most popular tournament.

Best bookmakers

Horse racing is primarily popular in English-speaking countries: Great Britain, the USA and Australia. Accordingly, a rich list should be sought from the bookmakers of these states. For example, in William Hill. In Russia, 1xBet boasts a rich selection of sports disciplines. Here you will find the most extensive painting on horse racing.

Dog racing is one of the most popular sports in the UK. At least among bettors. In terms of the number of bets, dog races in this country are second only to football and horse racing. In the post-Soviet space, dog racing forecasts are in little demand, but ignoring this discipline is akin to a crime.

  • The list for dog racing forecasts does not differ in variability. In many ways, it is as similar as possible to the painting offered for horse racing. There are three types of bets in dog racing:
  • Bet on the winner of the race. The bettor determines who will win the race;
  • Bet on getting into the prize zone. For this type of bet, low odds are offered, but it allows you to secure dog racing predictions;

A bet on the exact sequence of two or three finishing dogs.

Most prestigious tournaments

Despite the entertainment and popularity, major tournaments, like the World Cup, are not held in this sport. Accordingly, it is worth focusing on countries where dog races are most popular. These are the UK, USA, Australia and Ireland. As a rule, bookmakers offer bets on the championships of these countries.

Best bookmakers

The best bookmakers for betting on dog racing are British William Hill and Mostbet Uzbekistan. Speaking about local bookmakers, the best options for this sport are offices with a traditionally wide lineup and a large line, which include 1xBet and Marathon.